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Sep. 15th, 2005 | 08:39 pm
mood: apatheticapathetic
music: how many stars(bombay dreams)

I honestly don't feel like talking about my day or college or anything right now. I REALLY DON'T CARE.

(except for the fact that niamh is probably joining Lilov on thursdays, not wednesdays, so I don't even have to see her which is great and makes me very happy)

So, instead of giving you all a summary of my day (which consisted mainly of making snickerdoodle cookies, eating pus-oozing teriyaki sticks, and practicing cello) I'm doing a survey which I stole from one of the girls in my Fushigi Yuugi rating community (seriously, go join and get rated. It's kind of a lark.). So here it is:

Leave me an anonymous comment with:

♥One compliment.
♥One not so compliment.
♥Lyrics to a song that reminds you of me.
♥An inside joke that we have/had.
♥How long we've been friends.
♥A hint as to who you are.

.. and I'll try and guess who you are :D


Bye now.

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for the last time/you're everything that I want and asked for

Jul. 5th, 2005 | 02:10 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: stand inside your love(smashing pumpkins)

For a multitude of reasons, this journal is going friends only. That means, if you don't have a LJ account, you can't see or comment on my journal. For those of you that are already my friends, you're fine. I just have a few cuts to make regarding certain people viewing my journal, which is why all my entries are going private.

jesus. aren't these boys so drool-worthy, though?

like the banner says: comment to be added.

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'do you have a chicken for my table?'

Aug. 11th, 2004 | 07:33 pm
mood: trapped
music: Tori Amos - Precious Things (live, of course)

Yes. Well.

As I've locked myself in my room, gaining an hour or so of solace by claiming to be taking a very long, bubbly, and self-involved bath (these are the times where having the ex-master suite in my house is quite a nice little deal) I decided that since I've been so lax with my updates, I should probably do another one pretty soon.

And right after this I'm changing my xanga skin. I only want paid account for the icon storage space and everyone knows it. My site looks dumb right now. *aggravation* I even liked the butterfly one better, and I thought it was pretty crappy.

Okay. So the last few days have been decreed 'family vacation week', wherein my family and I attempt to participate in 'wholesome family fun' without killing each other. Yeah. So far, so good. So on...em...when family week began (I have no perception of time. *sigh*) we went ice-skating. It might have been Friday, I'm not too sure of the days of the week. But if it was friday, then we spent both friday and saturday ice-skating. There was this one chick that was making some pitiful attempt to look cool by skating around the novices' rink in some sequiny tutu from the disco era.

Yeah, I laughed when she fell on her ass. So what?

That wasn't all that exciting. Ice skating's fun, but I have to listen to my younger siblings fucking whine about EVERYTHING, like how it's too cold, how they're dumb, how they 'CAN'T ICE SKATE BECAUSE I'M STUPID AND I WANT TO DIE! (my youngest brother)' and how they're thirsty and want to stop for a soda.


So. The more exciting parts of family fun week are soon to ensue, because on Sunday I went horseback riding with my family, and - get this - the little kids had to stay inside because they'd never ridden before. Ha! Dad stayed in with them, so mom and I just rode trails around the place. Lots of fun; and I did learn to ride a Western saddle. It was kind of hard, just because the place where I take lessons only does English-saddle instruction (because, I don't know, I think they're snotty or something), which is actually a lot more difficult for beginners. Managing all the different parts of the bridle, saddle, and whatnot takes more presence of mind than most seven-year-olds have, if you know what I mean.

Western riding, you basically just use your dominant hand to steer.

So after I freaked about me-not-having-control-of-the-horse-because-I'm-not-using-two-hands-on-the-reins it was actually a lot of fun. The poses to take for different gaits of the horse were still the same (god, I hate trotting on horses, because you have to post, which is this weird little demented boost you do with your feet in the stirrups which makes it easier for you to keep your seat during a trot. Or something. Personally, I prefer either a canter, a gallop, or a fucking walk. Don't give me this trotting shit. ;) ) Apparently, my mom lived near a stable once as a kid and worked currying horses and whatnot for money in the summer. Cool.

There's lots of things I want to know about my parents. They never talk to me and it's annoying. I want to have cool stuff to tell people. You know?

So. The next day was filled with Soonou's Beach Adventures. Which were pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. The swimming part wasn't all that exciting, though I did find one really strange-looking shell that looked like a shoehorn (dad said it was an oyster but I didn't believe him) and then the inner curl of a nautilus, which was really neat. I have them both on my desk as I'm typing this.

My parents gave me some money and told me to go putz around on the little boardwalk and the surrounding town and to be back by twelve. So I go, right? And then I see this guy pulling up in a hearse, right? He asks the gas-station guy to fill the tank, gives him a credit card, and then walks into the convenience store thing to get himself a coffee or whatever. It piqued my curiosity, because I don't see hearses that often, and I investigate them when I do, if given the chance. Plus, his hands looked nice. Some of you may not know this, but the first thing I notice about someone is their hands, the fingers, the shape of the palm, and whatnot. If I don't like the shape of your hands I generally tend to avoid talking to you. Don't know why. Just do.

So anyway, he had one of the two hand shapes that I really like, which is long palms with almost spiderlike fingers (kind of like Pascal's, you know?). People that have those kind of hands generally tend to fit into two categories: they're either extremely good-natured and extroverted, or they're people that only want a little bringing out. Either way, people with that kind of hand shape generally tend to end up being close friends of mine, so I decided to pursue the issue. Because I was bored and nothing on the boardwalk really looked all that intriguing. Maybe that's because it was a boardwalk.... (Laugh at my horrible pun. Laugh, damn you!)

Okay, so I go into the store, right? And the guy just orders his coffee, yak, yak, whatever. I wasn't paying attention. Oh, by the way, he had another characteristic that I tend to like in people - the wearing of a leather jacket. Not that I hate the cow population of the world, or anything, I just like wearing leather jackets. I don't know if that's a little dominatrix streak or if I'm gothic or what, I like my leather jackets. I have two. As you know.

And they were both really inexpensive, too. *gloaty gloat*

So I compliment his jacket, which gets us into a train of conversation upon the merits of leather in general. From there, we moved onto several more interesting topics, including Doom 3 (I played it at Ben's house, and it ROCKS), how much certain kinds of hip hop suck, and how much better Dunkin Donuts is than Starbucks. We were in the middle of our coffee debate (he prefers Starbucks and I think they're really stupid) when he realized that he still had a job to do. *sweatdrop*

We exchange IMs so that we can finish our little coffee debate. (We did, by the way, and left it at a draw. However, I did succeed in pointing out that their word for large, 'ventie', or whatever the fuck it is, is not actually a word. Which was cool.) The freaky part was that I thought he looked kind of like one of the people I roleplay, who's this really tall, pale, thin dude with a thing for dark clothing. The RP character's name is Torou, and this guy's name was Taoru, but they're pronouced exactly the same way.

I mean, come on. What're the chances of that?

So I manage to work out that he's only a couple years older than me (he's about to turn either 18 or 19, I honestly can't remember, and I'm about to turn 15) and then the gas-station dude comes in and gives him back his credit card, and I get my little iced mocha latte thingy from dunkin donuts. He says bye, and I walk out, drinking my coffee. Within ten minutes, I've run into the next Occupation Of My Time (OoMT, for short): a random group of Australian dudes on a trip with their school.

Two things I have to say about this:

1) Anyone who knows me also knows that there are certain people that I absolutely love meeting. Like, for example, people that read manga, or people that listen to Tori. Amongst these groups are Australian people, just because their attitude about the world is so funny. Australians that I've met are very laid-back, in general, which is a nice change from the uptight dorkwads that I have to deal with in everyday life.

2) They come to the United States to see culture and history, and they come to the New Jersey shore. What the hell? They said it was just a day trip on the way to New York from Philly and D.C., but I think that's a lie from their mouths.

So, by way of introductions and tacit agreement, I accompanied them around for the rest of the afternoon, killing aliens and racing cars at various games on the boardwalk. I killed this one guy at bumper cars, by the way. Almost gave him a fucking concussion. Lots of fun.

At the end of the day they had to leave on their trip and I had to go back to my car, which actually kind of sucked. Since no paper was to be had, one of the people took a marker and wrote his e-mail on my arm. I can still kind of see it since it was a semipermanent marker, which, coincidentally, I didn't know they had. But whatever.

So then I went home, and then today a couple things happened which I don't feel like writing about because it's thunderstorming and I want off the computer.



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a few livejournal icons later...

Aug. 4th, 2004 | 08:32 pm

...yeah. A few.

I spent the last five hours looking for LJ icons on the 'net.

Found and made a couple pretty cool ones, too, but that is beside the point.

Jeez. I'm a freak.

Going on allpoetry and AIM now. bai.


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random pulses of inspiration

Aug. 4th, 2004 | 01:29 pm
mood: determineddetermined

are kind of like blood from an artery except without the random

from side to side
thinking about red seas
but right now another ocean
has control
doesn't she?

look up look out
for something that's coming
so fast for us now

sea-longing for cigarette
smoke blue as the grotto's
sea what we've come to

kostbares gedachtnis
nuotata piu profonda

I echo in caves
as you're watching your waves


Heh. Title bleeds into title bleeds into poem. An interesting technique, even if I do say so myself, which I do. Can you spot it? Oh, and I think the homophone was pretty cool too. No, that isn't misspelled. It's called poetic license. There's a distinct difference. And the part where I interpolated the languages. *is proud of self for knowing enough German to write that* I cheated on the italian, though.

Right. Talked to Lauren, who called from her beach house. We yakked at each other about our respective trips, she told me about the Los Achtung Chicas and I told her about the Bus Seat War(s), and all minor battles ensuing. She got to go to Venice *waves of envy*.

And it turns out that I'm not weird regarding my feeling of 'I want to go back to Italy!' after all. You know, my post in which I deride my house and everything in it? That was actually kind of fun, which is beside the point, but whatever.

My hand hurts. And my feet hurt. I burned them because I was being stupid, but the burns'll go away soon enough. I hope. Because they make my feet uglier than they are already, what with all the scars and blistery/scab things from Italy due to ewwy shoes.


And if you don't know what that means, go to www.illwillpress.com. Right now. And click on the 'toons' option in the bar above the main little page thing. It'll take you to this place where there are thumbnails of a lot of flash cartoons. Click on the one in the lower right-hand corner (Almost Serious Suicide) and then work your way to the left. When you get to the end of a row, just click on the next row up and read from right to left.

The must-sees:

Small, Medium, Large
Almost Serious Suicide
Foamy's Rant(s) (actually, all of them, but the third is the funniest one)
Nuts to You
Squirrel Banter
Dating Advice
Kavorkian Scarf
Eye Stigmata
Do's and Don'ts (i think? it's something about a doctor, and is the second-newest cartoon.)

Everything else is pretty funny, but not as utterly-fucking-hysterical as those are. Or maybe that's just me and my sick sense of humor. You might want to watch the other ones anyway, because a few weird things happen that you won't understand otherwise.

Heh. Now I'm pretty much done. Just have to get myself a few different icons and then I'll post.



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one more thing....

Aug. 3rd, 2004 | 09:23 pm

I just found out something about the iced tea mix that my parents use and that I drink at least once daily, on average.

...The sucrose in the mix causes short-term memory loss.

Doesn't that just explain, like, fucking everything? Ha!

Oh, and anyway. Another thing. I got my book list today, which allows me to cheat and see which classes I got into. I'm excited, but also kind of freaked out. See, the list goes like this:

English 11th (duh, but there's four books for this subject! four! They'd just better not be all that heavy...grr.)

US History II (once again. duh. At least there's only one book for this one.)

Algebra 2 (only one book. rockin'.)

Physics (two books. I'm assuming, one heavy book and one lab book.)

Biochemistry AP (*proud of self* two books for this, two. one in general, and one about 'the double helix'. hurrah for watson & crick. btw, saw an article about crick in this week's newsweek. was interesting article. liked it. :) )

Latin 4 AP (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHY DID THEY PUT ME INTO LATIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN>??!>!>!? *sob* only one book *sob sob whimper sniffle cry*)



...I think I'm going to need a time-turner. Who the fuck do these people think I am, fucking emma watson?

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Aug. 3rd, 2004 | 09:11 pm

You see my heading? The blue bar on top of the page?

Anyone except Lauren tell me what song that's from. Go ahead and try.

Only no Lauren because you already know. I know you do. ;)


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Aug. 3rd, 2004 | 03:34 pm
mood: ecstaticecstatic
music: FFR - The Color of Battle


Hey guys? Guess what?

Just now, I earned 9 credits on The Color of Battle, this relatively easy (or, at least, I seem to think so) FFR song. Why, you ask?

Because. I'm now ranked twelfth in the world on that song. Out of the bazillions of people that've played and gotten high scores, I am number 12 on the list. If I'd gotten two people higher, you'd see me at the bottom of the 'hiscores' list.


~end update~


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aaaa! run away! run away!

Aug. 3rd, 2004 | 01:55 pm
mood: chipperchipper
music: Weather Report - Birdland (I love this song!)




! *gasps and dies*

Okay. So. Since my last entry several very interesting things have happened. Firstly, I went back to the doctor's AGAIN about my stupid cough. First they said it was a cold. Then they said it was bronchitis. Then...*pause for effect* they said it might be a non-acute sinus infection because I don't seem to have sinus pain and now they think I might have tuberculosis because I got my cold/thing right after I got back from Italy.


So they injected a little viral sample in my right arm and if a red ring appears tomorrow or the next day, I have TB and I need to go to the hospital. Or quarantine. Or something. If I do, I'll take my laptop to update you all on Soonou's Hospital Adventures (wink wink nudge nudge). They can't take my laptop away from me, can they? Jesus, I hope not.

Oh, and also I had to go and get x-rays done and they let me keep them, which was actually a lot of fun because when I got home I got to look at my ribcage and my spine and my lungs. Neat. But I don't think I have TB, because if I did, the lump from where the virus sample was would still be there, and it isn't anymore. So no Soonou's Hospital Adventures for you.

Sorry, guys.

That was what happened today. However, about my outing with Liam (the guy I met)...well, it was interesting. The first time we got rained out because of this hugemongous tropical stormy-thing, so he showed up the next morning because we'd planned to go out to dunkin' donuts for coffee, right? Okay. So, my dad is like 'hey! let's go to chinatown!' So, dad drove us into the city, gave me some money for lunch and admission to places and subway fare and shit and told us to meet him back by the Staten Island Ferry (he works in a building that's literally on the other side of Battery Park) at 3:00, because I had to go and get ready for Jessica's Sweet Sixteen. And I was just like 'whoa' because my dad would normally never in a billion years let us do that. Okay.

So we putzed around Chinatown and had lunch (I now officially love dim sum, which is like this nifty little salad-type whatever thing. All I know is, it's really good), went to Little Italy for dessert (I made him try cannoli and svoliatelle (I hope I spelled that right, it's what it sounds like...)), and then hopped the subway and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we ran around the egypt exhibit for a couple hours, laughing at the mummies. (Speaking of which, I have a mummy story to tell you after all this is done)

Which was actually the most fun I've had in a very long time. Probably since high school began.

Okay, so we dropped Liam back in fair lawn and continued to my house, where I took a shower, brushed, dried, straightened my hair, dressed, did my makeup, primped (ha.) and found my cellphone in the pile of crap that is my room and left the house in a record one hour and thirty minutes. I swear to god, my movements were starting to go blurry on me. Then we picked up Jenny (huzzah!) and went to Jess's sweet sixteen.

After waiting for TEN BAZILLION YEARS for emily to get there so we could take the goddamn group picture with Jess (yeah, that kind of made me impatient) we went inside. Ate food. There was actually really good food, except for the chicken sorrentine which I thought was nasty. The teriyaki salmon was good, which was rather surprising because I normally hate salmon with a passion. It tastes too fishy for me, but I think the teriyaki sauce drowned out most of the fishy, which is why I liked it, really.

Then we danced. I had to teach some people the Cotton-Eye Joe because (gasp! gasp! gasp! AAAAA!) they didn't know it. You know who you are. And I learned the Cha-Cha Slide, which was fun. Had some ice cream, and got to light a candle with a really sweet dedication along with the rest of my table (which was essentially emily, jenny, wendy, sara montemurano, alana mihovics, cathleen, and julia. just people from our lunch table, I guess. I can think of two people who WERE supposed to be there that didn't GO because they're too GOOD for us. Aren't you? :P ). Now they've got me thinking about my sweet sixteen. It's only a year and a month away, so I figure if I start planning now I might get like, half of it done (hee).

Okay. Since we're working in reverse here, let's talk about Julia's sweet sixteen the night before. It was really rockin' cool. The candle-lighting ceremony was hysterical because of a few technical difficulties (*ahem* cathleengottolightacandlebyherselfandwhenshewastryingtoblowoutthematchsheblewoutalltheothercandlestoo *ahem*) as well as the fact that the lighter didn't work. Pascal made me dance. It was kind of fun. Julia had a really good dj, actually. So did Jess. He played Born to Run and Buttercup, which makes him good in my book, along with this one Beatles song. Heh. He was more oldies than Julia's, but that's okay, because I dance to oldies better, because I can actually do the dances. I watch my parents when they're being stupid too much, I know.

I'll stop typing now. ^-^


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put that in your hat and eat it, upenn...

Jul. 30th, 2004 | 03:18 pm
mood: pleasedpleased
music: Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl - FFR


Today, I am jubilant. Several reasons for this occurence:

1) The advent of September. I know that sounds a little weird, because most kids are supposed to hate school with a passion, but I am going to kick ass in school this year, get good grades, do my homework, and focus. Junior year is big, and I'm taking an AP class this year (hee hee.) which is going to be a lot of fun. Plus, my birthday's coming up, and after all these big sweet sixteens, I don't feel like having a huge-arsed party. Probably just going to go down to the arcade with a couple people, play games for a while, and then head back to my house. Stuff like that, yes yes.

2) I'm going out tonight. Woohoo! See, for anyone that doesn't know already, while I was doing my volunteer requirement work at Camp Sunshine, I met this guy. We were both sitting in the windowsill (big windows, a windowsill is...maybe four or five feet long) and I was listening to my Rio, he was listening to his CD player, and he asked me what kind of music I was listening to. I told him Tori Amos and he went on this 20-minute long diatribe on how much she rocks. He had Tales of a Librarian in his CD case. So I think 'nifty.', right? We ended up getting assigned to the same person (Camp Sunshine is a camp for disabled people) and so we yakked about music, fencing (He fences, but with real swords and bamboo poles and things. More like sparring than the fencing we're used to, really) choir/orchestra, etc...we like a lot of the same stuff. So, since he lives in Fair Lawn, we arranged to hang out tonight at one of my local pizza places.

3) UPenn called me with a spot open for their fencing camp. You know, the one that starts tomorrow? The one I would have had to cancel both my outings (as well as my date tonight) to go to? Well....

Turning them down felt really, really, really good. :)

4) We're watching my cousin (Charlotte) this week. She's a year old, and since mom had to go do...mother things like buying food and junk, she and I were hanging out in the house since it was raining before. I taught her colors and stuff. It was fun.

5) I kicked ass on FFR (flash flash revolution - www.flashflashrevolution.com and then click FFR The Game on the little orange bar in the upper-left corner). Ha.

So I'm in a good mood. Let's hope it lasts.


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